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At the Infinity Innovation Youth Foundation (IIYF), we’re dedicated to unlocking the potential within every young individual. Beyond empowering the youth demographic, we believe in providing hands-on experiences and exploratory programs that guide students through their educational journey into the professional world. If you share our passion for fostering innovation, leadership, and real-world learning, join us in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

Ways to Get Involved

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Your expertise in mentoring, workshop facilitation, and operational support is invaluable. Your dedication can drive meaningful change and contribute to our success. Let's make a significant impact together.

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Engage with our diverse range of programs designed to offer real-life experiences in various fields, from STEM to arts, business, and more. Discover your passion and carve your path to a successful career.

Partner with Us

Organizations, universities, and industry leaders can collaborate with IIYF to offer internships, workshops, and educational opportunities. Together, we can provide a platform for youth to gain valuable insights and experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the steps to join our volunteer community, from application to orientation.

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A guide through the application process for volunteers, program participants, and partners.

Tips on how you can help amplify our mission and programs within your network.

Learn about the opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and career exploration through our programs.

Information for potential partners on how to collaborate with IIYF to expand opportunities for youth.

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