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At the Infinity Innovation Youth Foundation (IIYF), we’re committed to guiding youth through their most formative years, illuminating pathways to their passions and futures. Dive into our comprehensive suite of programs designed to empower, inspire, and prepare you for a bright future ahead.

Our Signature Programs

Global Youth Policy Lab (GYPL)

Engage in global policy discussions and learn about international cooperation through a simulation of the Y20 Summit.

Creative Horizons: IIYF Art & Design Academy

Explore your artistic potential and prepare for university and career paths in art and design.

Life Finance 101

Equip yourself with essential financial knowledge, from personal finance management to an introduction to university-level finance concepts.

Pathfinders Program: Discovering Your Future

A comprehensive program for high school and post-secondary students to explore university and career paths across various fields.

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Ready to Shape Your Future?

Join us in shaping a brighter future together. Whether through participating in our programs, attending our events, or volunteering your time, your journey to empowerment and growth starts here at IIYF.

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